• Entries open on Thursday1 June 2017. Delivery of samples may be made only from 1 July 2017. Please note: No wine samples will be received during June.
  • Entries close on Monday 31 July 2017.
  • R970 per entry (VAT inclusive). This includes Wine, Garagiste, Spirits and Liqueur entries.
  • Please forward proof of payment to:

DDI Financial Solutions
Contact: Anneline Vermooten

All account enquiries may be directed to Anneline on:


Cell:    084 505 8455
Fax:     086 513 8718

  • Payment for entries should be received no later than Monday 31 July 2017.
  • Payment should be made electronically or directly into the account below. Please use your Estate/Cellar name as reference to enable us to identify your payment.

The Michelangelo International Wine Awards
Bank: First National Bank
Account number: 62101207919
Branch: Stellenbosch
Branch code: 200 610


  • Please do not enclose cash with wine samples. The organisers take no resonsibility for cash included with samples.
  • In case of cash being deposited into our bank account, please add 1.5% of the full amount to cover banking exchange fees.

Please enclose the following with each wine/spirits/liqueur sample:

  1. Two copies of the entry form for each sample. Please place one inside the box with the WSB (WSR) documents, and attach the other to the outside of the box for identification purposes.
  2. WSB2 or 4 (WSR) forms, to be placed inside the box
  3. NNB: A pack shot of the product being entered, as well as tasting and/or food pairing notes have to be e-mailed to for inclusion in the QR code which will be written for that product.*
  4. Additional form indicating label requirements (see note under Point 8: Bottle Medal Stickers)
  • Entry forms are downloadable from (click on the Entries link) and may be completed on-screen before being printed. Please include the entry forms with the wine samples and deliver to our office at  Longridge Wine Estate, Eikendal Road (off the R44 between Somerset West and Stellenbosch.)

Samples may be delivered from 1 July, Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00, unless alternative arrangements have been made. For delivery enquiries please contact Logistics on 065 870 9273

Please mark all boxes for delivery clearly as follows:

Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards
Longridge Wine Estate
Eikendal Road, R44, Somerset West

  • Late delivery of samples: Should samples not have been received by close of business on Monday 31 July 2017, such entries will be withdrawn unless prior alternative arrangements have been made with the organiser.
  • In case of late delivery, please notify Logistics on 065 870 9273 or Lorraine Immelman on 082 556 8679 or via e-mail on
  • Late entries may be submitted with permission until and including 16:00 on Friday, 4 August.
  1. Requirements for entries


Six bottles of 750ml or five bottles of 1000ml capacity for each entry must be submitted for tasting,


  • OPTION A: Please submit a total of 24 bottles of wine per entry (not applicable to Garagiste producers, fortified or sparkling wines or spirits and liqueur entries): 6 + 18 = 24 bottles
  • OPTION B: Please submit 6 bottles per wine entry by 30 July. Should this wine win a medal, we require a further 36 bottles delivered to us before the end of October, with the 2017 award stickers (which will carry the new QR codes) attached.

Please submit each entry separately boxed and clearly marked on the outside of the boxes with the class number under which the wine is entered.

Exceptions to this Rule:

  • For Sparkling wine or champagne entries No additional bottles to support the marketing drive are required.
  • Garagiste entries four (4) 750ml bottles will be accepted for judging and no additional wine will be required to support the marketing drive. Should Garagiste producers want their products to be offered in Airlink lounges and on Airlink routes, they may submit an additional four bottles for this purpose.
  • For Brandy entries two (2) 750ml bottles will be accepted, and no additional bottles to support the marketing drive are required.
  • For Liqueur entries two or three bottles are required. The combined volume should be at least 1l (one litre). No additional bottles to support the marketing drive are required.
  • For Other Spirits entries two or three bottles are required. The combined volume should be at least 1l (one litre) No additional bottles to support the marketing drive are required.
  • For entries for the Golden Oldies Trophy two (2) 750ml bottles will be accepted. The combined volume should be at least 1l (one litre). No additional wine will be required to support the marketing drive.


Important information: please read the section below carefully:


The Michelangelo International Wine Spirits Awards has embarked on a unique and innovative marketing initiative which will pool the resources of national airline, Airlink, South Africa’s largest hospitality group, Tsogo Sun, wine events organizing company Tamasa Wine Trading, publishing company Media Nova, as well as a dynamic new wine and spirits retail partner, with which we are currently negotiating. This new venture will add substantial and far-reaching international marketing value to ALL producers entering their wines and spirits in the 2017 Michelangelo – not just the medal winners.

Specific benefits to medal and trophy winners include the addition of a scanable QR code to all 2017 medal award stickers, giving wine buyers, restaurant clientele and air passengers access to an array of customised information. Please click here for a two minute video which will explain this concept and it’s application.

A model of this initiative can be seen at

Furthermore, this initiative and the website with YOUR cellar’s website link, will be promoted via Airlink’s in-flight magazine on an ongoing basis, as well as in Charter, the in-flight magazine currently carried on SA’s top private air charter companies (with a combined fleet of 170 private charter aircraft). See

Required information to accompany 2017 entries:

Tasting notes, packshots and additional wine and spirits:

  • For the compilation of the QR codes, we require tasting notes and/or food pairing notes as well as a packshot of the market-ready product to be submitted WITH your entry. However, should a packshot not be available at time of entries being submitted, this may simply be omitted and will not appear on the QR code information alongside the tasting/food pairing notes. In the case of unlabelled wine or tank samples being submitted, specific arrangements will be made directly with the entrants.
  • All entrants are required to deliver an additional 18 bottles of wine of each entry. In the case of unlabelled wine or tank samples being submitted, specific arrangements will be made directly with the entrants for the obtaining of the bottles at a later date (once labelled).
  • Please note: This applies to wine entries only and excludes Garagistes, all spirits, liqueur and brandy entries, as well as entries for the Golden Oldie Trophy (see Exceptions to this Rule elsewhere).
  • Submission of these minimum volumes from international entrants will be at the discretion of entrants due to the high cost of transport.

O  o  O

  • Products entered need not be market ready in order to participate.
  • We accept tank or barrel samples, (wine or spirits) as well as bottles with temporary labels in cases where producers are awaiting final front and back labels. Such temporary labels should be clear hand-written or computer generated stickers displaying the following information: Producer/Cellar; Name of Wine/Spirits, where applicable; Varietal or Blend and Vintage.
  • All barrel and tank samples should be accompanied by either a WSB2 (WSR2) certificate or an independent laboratory analysis. Other conditions may apply.
  • Liqueur and spirits samples should be accompanied by an analysis confirming content and technical information.
  • Completed entry forms, certification documents, proof of payment of entry fees and samples should reach the organisers by end of business on Monday 31 July 2017
  • Late submissions will be considered up to and including Friday, 4 August 2017, providing prior arrangements have been made with the competitions director, Lorraine Immelman at
  • The winemaker has to be the producer of his/her own wine from raw material to finished product.
  • The winemaker has to fund the production of this wine from raw material to finished product.
  • The maximum production acceptable to qualify for a Garagiste winemaker is 9 000 litres/12 000 bottles/225 x 40 barrels TOTAL PRODUCTION
  • The winemaker has to be certified as a Garagiste winemaker and registered with SAWIS
  1. Craft Distilled Entries

         Definition of craft spirit:


  1. A craft spirit is distilled by a craft spirit producer
  2. A craft spirit uses only natural products to achieve the end-product’s sensory profile.


         Definition of a craft spirit producer:


A craft spirit producer is a distillery who complies with all the following criteria:

  1. Produces end-products containing no more than 100 000 liter absolute alcohol per annum for the distillery.
  2. Distils more than 50% of its annual production of absolute alcohol, from self-fermented raw material, except in the case of gin production, where re-distillation from neutral spirits will be allowed.
  3. Is majority- owned by natural persons.
  4. A distiller with more than 25% equity in the distillery is in direct control of the fermentations, distilling and final blending/mixing.
  5. No process integration computer-based control systems are utilised in the distillery.
  6. All process steps in the production of the end-product (i.e. fermentation, distilling, blending/mixing, infusion, bottling and labelling) shall be performed on the same premises of the distillery.




  • Wine/Spirits/Liqueurs produced outside South Africa may be entered in the competition.


  • Such wines/spirits/liqueurs should be accompanied by either an independent laboratory analysis or supporting documentation from the country of origin confirming the chemical analysis.


  • Entry fees paid in foreign currency must be paid into the same account as South African entries in US Dollar, Pound or Euro at the exchange rate of that day.



  • Where samples are being sent by courier, each bottle, box and shipment waybill should be clearly marked NOT FOR RESALE. SAMPLES ONLY.


  • Customs cost, import duty and cost of transport is for the account of the entrant. The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards will not be responsible for any costs related to the entry.
  • Wines will be judged in accordance with the variety or type (class) to which it belongs and in which it has been entered.
  • The international 100 point system is used.
  • Medals will be awarded in accordance with the methodology for distribution of medals, as follows:
  • Platinum
  • Gran d’Or (double gold)
  • Gold
  • Silver


No bronze medals or merit awards are given.

  • The top scoring one-third of total entries in the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards will be eligible for medals, and are calculated according to the judges’ final scores. However, where a number of wines qualify for a medal in terms of the medal cut-off point, all wines with that score will be awarded the appropriate medal.

Twenty-one trophies will be awarded as follows:

  1. MCC Grand Prix Trophy
  2. MCC Dessert Grand Prix Trophy
  3. Toneleria Naçional Coffee Pinotage Trophy
  4. JF Hillebrand Pinotage Trophy
  5. Michelangelo Golden Oldie Trophy
  6. Michelangelo Brandy Trophy
  7. Michelangelo Garagiste Trophy
  8. RX South Africa Organic Trophy
  9. Juvenal Chenin Blanc Trophy
  10. TM Mercurey French Style Red Blend Trophy
  11. African Cellar Supplies Methode Classique Trophy
  12. IQ Business Most Innovative Wine Trophy
  13. TRANE Cape Blend Trophy
  14. TRANE International Trophy
  15. Michelangelo Liqueur Trophy
  16. SACDI Trophy for Most Innovative Spirits
  17. SACDI Trophy for Craft Gin
  18. SACDI Trophy for Craft Vodka
  19. SACDI Trophy for Craft Rum
  20. African Cellar Supplies Pinot Noir Trophy NEW!
  21. Tsogo Sun Cabernet Franc Trophy


All results, as well as the judging process of The Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards are audited. Our appointed auditors are J Vermooten Chartered Accountants (SA).


  • The official Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards self-adhesive stickers can be ordered and collected from The Michelangelo office at Longridge Wine Estate. Alternatively, please indicate on the order form available from, should you wish the stickers to be couriered to you.
  • Once collected or mailed, no stickers will be returned for a refund and the named estate/producers will be held responsible for payment of such stickers.
  • Stickers this year will carry a QR code linked to that specific wine….
  • Unless arranged, all collections must be accompanied by proof of payment or mailed to in advanced before collection can take place.



Any reproduction or representation, either total or partial, of the Michelangelo medals, logo, name, or any part whatsoever of the website is strictly forbidden without prior written agreement from the competition organisers. Digital or printed reproduction of medals may not be made without authorisation, and the graphic representation may not be modified or adapted in any way whatsoever.

In every respect, and under all circumstances, the name, brand, and distinctive signs found on the site or any other medium developed and used by the FIT are protected by copyright.

  • The awards Dinner function will take place on 29 September at The Cape Sun.
  • Winners of trophies, Platinum awards and Grand d’Or medals will be notified by e-mail prior to the function to allow winners to book. Should space still be available, producers with MORE THAN ONE GOLD MEDAL will be contacted to attend the function.
  • Please note that no cash will be accepted for payment of tickets on the day of the function. Bookings will only be confirmed once payment via the internet or a direct deposit into our account has been received.
  • As soon as proof of payment has been received, bookings will be confirmed via e-mail – please ensure that your booking has been confirmed as such before your party’s arrival at the awards function.
  • For further information or other enquiries please contact: