Wines are judged in accordance with the variety or type (the class) to which it belongs. (an international 100 point system is used.)

Entries which have received, during the tasting and for each class, a number of determined points in accordance with the methodology for distribution of medals, are awarded the following:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gran d’Or (double gold)
  3. Gold
  4. Silver

No bronze medals or merit awards are given.

The top scoring one-third of total entries in the Michelangelo International Wine Awards will be eligible for medals, and are calculated according to the judges’ final scores. However, where a number of wines qualify for a medal in terms of the medal cut-off point, all wines with that score will be awarded the appropriate medal.


Fourteen trophies will be awarded, which are the following:

  1. Multi-Color Corporation Grand Prix Trophy
  2. Multi-Color Corporation Dessert Grand Prix Trophy
  3. IQ Business Most Innovative Wine Trophy
  4. JF Hillebrand Pinotage Trophy
  5. Trane Cape Blend Trophy
  6. Trane International Trophy
  7. Toneleria Naçional Coffee Pinotage Trophy
  8. RX South Africa Organic Trophy
  9. TM Mercurey French Style Red Blend Trophy
  10. African Cellar Suppliers Methode Cap Classique Trophy
  11. Brandy Trophy
  12. Garagiste Trophy
  13. Golden Oldie Trophy
  14. Liqueur Trophy
  15. Juvenal Chennin Blanc Trophy