The quality of the judges determines the quality of the award..

The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards gives local and foreign wines the opportunity of being judged by a panel of acclaimed wine experts from around the globe. All judges are hand-picked and serve on the panel by invitation only.



 Date Entries 1 June – 31 July 2017
Tasting 14 August – 19 August 2017
Awards Function Friday luncheon 29 September at Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West (Date to be confirmed)
Entry Fee R970.00 (Vat inclusive )


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Judges 2016

Every year Michelangelo invites the cream of contemporary professional wine judges from around the globe to judge the wine and spirits entered for the Michelangelo awards. The full panel consists of between 22 and 26 international judges – to date we are proud to announce the following confirmed judges for 2016. 1. Christina Pandolfi Argentina 2. Eduardo Viotti Brazil 3. Liz Palmer Canada 4. Sergio Correa Chile 5. Ronny Lau China 6. Franjo Francem Croatia 7. Luboš Bárta Czech Republic 8. Thomas Rydberg Denmark 9. Petronella Salvi France 10. Germain Lehodey France 11. Kristina Wolf Germany 12. Maria Katsouli Greece 13. Subhash Arora India 14. Jean Smullen Ireland 15. Roberto Lepori Italy 16. Jungyong Cho Korea 17. Mike Duggan SA 18. Carrie Adams SA 19. Gregory Mutambe - SA 20. Tinashe Nyamudoka SA 21. Colin Frith SA 22. Andrej Ondrejmiska Slovakia 23. Marin Berovič Slovenia 24. Chris Alblas Netherlands 25. Adrian Garforth UK